Re-Joist floor

Here are some photos from a recent job re-joisting a floor.

1) All of the existing joists had been eaten by woodworm and needed to be taken out

2) After removing all of the existing floor boards and joists, the next job was to start fitting the new joists.  This old Victorian house wasnt quite level so we had to take care to get the floor level.  All plates were treated with preservative. Some intricate work around the fireplace hearth and joist hangers in the corners finished this part of the job.

3) Once the joists were installed, batons were fixed to the underside to allow the installation of Celotex insulation PL4000 boards to meet building regulations.  Read more about insulation requirements on the Planning Portal website here and here.

4) The last stage was to cut and lay a plywood floor ready for tiling.

Removing floor boards

Fitting new joists

Job done!

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